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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Winery - Floors & Ceiling

Well I'm turning off the lights in my work area, the time is 1:08 am. I managed to finish off the flooring, and the first floor wooden ceiling.

With most of my stock of real walnut vastly depleted most, of my time went to staining. I really do miss the days of raiding the the recycling bin at the place I used to work. It was a scenic and custom fabrication shop which included a great millwork department. Fridays I would look for scraps at the table saw bin and find all sorts of rough hewn pieces of wood just right for my mini houses. It's taken me just over two years for my stash to have just a few pieces. So sad.

The stained poplar actually came out better than I expected. Here take a look:

Here are the floors all grouted and finished:

I didn't have much time today to work. After shopping with my mom and having a good friend come and visit from out of state I started all this work at almost 6:00. So that's about 7 hours of work strait. Wow, I just realized how long it took.

Signing off for the night. Tomorrow will be a day full of clay (or at least until I run out).

Good night!

Location:DSM Workshop

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