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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Winery - Floors

Well I've continued progress on my latest roombox I have entitled The Winery. The structure was build last November but I never started on the rest of the work. Feel free to follow along as I complete this for the up coming miniature show on March 13th.

A few days ago I asked all of Dragonscale Miniatures's Facebook friend what they thought I should do for the flooring in the Winery. A unanimous vote for Terra Cotta tiles won. Here they are after painting. There almost done, it's still wet which is why they are so dark, as they dry the clay-like beauty will show. After waiting for it to dry the next step is to clear coat it, and after that the grout goes on. The matte clear coat allows the excess grout to be wiped off of the tiles .

All this has to be done before I start on the walls so that the over spray doesn't cause trouble.

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